Jumping Off and Taking a Risk

Posted by on May 8, 2009


Today I began something new, and by so doing, remembered how very hard it can be to take a risk.  I think sometimes we forget how intimidating it can be for students when we expect for them to believe we mean it when we tell them our classrooms are a safe environment in which to take intellectual risks.

What if others laugh at you?  What if your idea isn’t as good as you thought it was?  What if, even though the teacher told you it was safe to step out, the other students still exercise their judgment when safely away from the teacher’s safety?

My risk today took the form of the Tech and Learning Advisor Blog.  I wrote and published my first post, and by so doing, extended an idea beyond the safety of my own mind to an entirely new audience.  I won’t feign courage and act as if the experience didn’t at least slightly intimidate.  In fact, the act of striking the publish button proved nearly terrifying.  However, I’m absolutely appreciative for the chance to grow and learn through this opportunity, and I think one of the biggest lessons I remember from long ago is that learning takes courage and perseverance.  There’s a whole lot else I’m learning through this, but I’ll save that for another time.

I’ll leave this post with an invitation.  Come over and join me in my learning.  Take a risk this week.  Jump off of safety.  Dare to learn.

Oh, and if you get the chance, I’d love it if you gave what caused all this a read.

Thanks to Glamhag for the Flickr image.

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